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How to grow beets

Beetroot is a very popular root vegetable among Russians. A lot of delicious dishes are prepared from it. Beetroot is also a useful product. Therefore, it is grown everywhere. In every vegetable garden, we will definitely see beets in the garden.But beetroot has one significant drawback and it is also well-known. Beets need to be boiled for a very long time before they can be eaten.The trick is that, it turns out, it is possible to grow table beets softer and more juicy. Such beets will boil until ready much faster, saving our housewives time.But everything is in order. First of all, in the spring you will need to choose the appropriate varieties of beet seeds. This is also an important detail in a high-quality and high harvest in autumn.In the spring, you should choose a place for planting, given the fact that beets cannot be planted in the same place. It is best to sow beet seeds in the place where cabbage, peas, onions, dill, lettuce grew last year.The second factor of a good harvest is fertile soil. Beetroot likes soft ground, well-watered, located in a dry and bright place. Therefore, in the spring it is necessary to make a sufficient amount of manure, dig the bed deeply and form a bed. Leave the garden for a couple of days so that the ground warms up. Then you can sow beet seeds.Everything is being done traditionally so far. Watering, loosening, flying. Waiting for the appearance of small shoots.Beetroot began to grow and develop. When the little beetroots begin to form, then you should start using that very little trick.And it consists in watering. Just not in the usual way.You need to bring salted water, diluting ordinary table salt in water, and pour such water over a bed of beets. Such watering should be carried out only 3-4 times over the summer and will be enough. The rest of the time, pour ordinary warm water.As a pickle, you can also use pickle from under pickles, which is also suitable. Why dump it in the trash? But don't make a strong pickle. It is salted water that is needed (approximately, like cucumber pickle).It is this watering with salted water that makes beets softer, juicier and sweeter. This beetroot will boil faster, it will be very tasty and sweet.I hope that this advice will be successfully used by our respected gardeners and summer residents. And they will appreciate it. Salão de jogos Sapphirebet oferece a oportunidade jogar em slots por dinheiro ao vivo. Entre. Entre. Dê uma olhada nisso. Espelho Registre-se e aposte em event ao vivo/linha agora mesmo!