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The Climb Winter Cup

Winter Cup


Begin the cold-and as every year becomes The Climb Winter Cup, the competition of climbing The Climb proposed for the colder months of the year for climbers of all levels, both partners and non-partners of the room. 

As you already know, the tops of The Climb are tests in which premium the good atmosphere, the fun, and the boulder of quality. Tests are suitable for all levels and have flexible hours for all who want to come to have the option to do so.

You will be able to purchase tickets through the link below or at the reception on the same day. 

In this Edition of the cup winter of The Climb each test will last for 10 days. Can be made from Friday to Sunday of the following week so that everyone can pick you up a hole to test the 20 blocks to be mounted on the wall of competition of The Climb.

The scores of the test is to be carried through the following link where each participant must register and go marking their scores.


Schedule and information



Will booking through the link below. 

An access to the facilities, it will use the platform of vertical Life to bring the scores personal test by using the link below looking for The Climb Winter Cup 2023, the test in which you participate.


Input The Climb / Members Of The Climb Free

Sale of Tickets:

The day of the test in The climb C/COAL, 5 between Leganés and Alcorcón


Drawings will be held to the participants in the 3 tests courtesy of the sponsors of the test Lights, Caravaning K2, and E9.

The dates of the championship The Climb Winter Cup 23-24 will be the following:

  • 1ªPrueba: 01/10-12-2023
  • 2ªPrueba: 15/24-12-2023
  • 3ªPrueba: 12/21-01-2024

The 3 tests are Friday at 17:30 and Sunday at 20:00 in the hours of The Climb.

During this period, each competitor can do the tests when the best will come by enrolling on the same day of the competition. The duration of the test is 2 hours.


    • Male Level 1: Climbers from 6c degree of block or via chained
    • Male Level 2: Climbers of maximum degree chained 6b
    • Female Level 1: Climbers from 6b grade chained
    • Female Level 2: Stairclimbers of maximum degree chained 6a

Blocks: 20 of all levels.

Duration: 2 hours.

Time Flexibility: 10 Days to perform each Test Friday at 17:30 to Sunday of the following week at 20:00

Format of score 6 Hit:

    • Daisy-chain the 1ºIntento 10 points
    • Daisy-chain the 2ºIntento 8 points
    • Daisy-chain the 3rd Attempt 7 points
    • Daisy-chain the 4ºIntento 6 points
    • Daisy-chain the 5ºIntento 5 points
    • Daisy-chain the 6ºIntento 3 points
    • From the 7th Attempt to block not scored. 

As in previous editions, three major brands support the tops of The Climb:

These sponsors will be in charge of the prizes to be raffled among all participants of the 3 tests of The Climb Winter Cup 2021.

  • Borealthe mark concerning your cat's feet in our country, and raffled off one of their new models,  
  • CaravaningK2the company of reference in cars for climbers, will bring us some surprises to be raffled among the participants in the 3 tests of the cup.
  • E9 the great mark of climbing clothes Italian, we will send some of your clothes for climbing, which we always like.

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