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The Climb Summer Cup

Summer Cup


The Climb Summer Cupthis year , in its 11th Edition, which was established as the competition climbing more summer and from The Climb, we propose for the months of the entry of summer for climbers of all levels, both partners and non-partners of the room. Good atmosphere, fun and a lot of climbing awaits you this year in the Summer Cup of The Climb.

The first two tests will be from Thursday to Wednesday and the last one will be on Thursday 22 at the time you'll welcome the summer with our now legendary annual holiday party.

You'll be able to take a wonderful mojitos, enjoy the best great songs with the DJ that will encourage the test and on the third we passed of luxury party and barbecue, concert, drawings, prizes, etc, We will raffle the weekend motorhome with Caravaning K2 and there will be prizes for the finalists and sweepstakes sponsors Lights, E9 and Climbskin.

Schedule and information


The inscriptions of The Climb Summer Cup 2023 will be held in the facilities of The Climb to the days of the tests.


· Day ticket: 9,9€ Adults (9€ Students, federated, and unemployed persons). 7€ children Under 16 years of age.

· Free Members of The Climb. 

Awards and trophies

· Prizes and a Trophy for the top 3 finishers in each category are courtesy of our sponsors Lights, Climbskin and E9 and there will be draw to win a weekend with motorhome courtesy of Caravaning K2.

The dates of The Climb Summer Cup 2023 will be the following:

· 1st Test from 25 to 31 may and we will have mojitos.

· 2nd Test from 8 to 14 June and we will have mojitos and DJ.

· 3rd Test June 22, a single test which will shut off our annual festival with live music and a barbecue.

Testing will be conducted Thursday at 17:00 to Wednesday of the following week until 22:00 on all the hours of The Climb. During that period each competitor can do the tests when best comes with 2 and a half hours at each one of them.

The format will be the following:

4 Categories: (13 years old)

  • Female Level 1: Climbers from 6b chained
  • Female Level 2: Climbing up to 6a chained
  • Male Level 1: Climbers from 6c chained
  • Male Level 2: Climbers up to 6b chained

20 blocks of all levels.

·2 and a half hours of time.

The scoring system is to hit with the following scores according to the number of attempts:

  • Daisy-chain the 1ºIntento 10 points
  • Daisy-chain the 2ºIntento 8 points
  • Daisy-chain the 3rd Attempt 7 points
  • Daisy-chain the 4ºIntento 6 points
  • Daisy-chain the 5ºIntento 5 points
  • Daisy-chain the 6ºIntento 3 points
  • From the 7th Attempt to block not scored

Trophies and Awards the top three finishers.

As sponsors in The Cimb Summer Cup 2023 will Boreal, a benchmark in cat's feet and footwear mountain, which always supports all of our events, the Italian brand of reference in clothes for sport climbing E9 that we already have in the shop of The Climb, which is responsible for the prize of the finalists of the 4 categories, and always usual in the competitions of The Climb: Climbskin a reference for the care of the skin of the climbers were referred to and Caravaning K2 great professionals in the world of the motorhome and campers.

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