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Plan of Inspection and Certification

This plan has been designed and developed to provide the best follow-up support and maintenance to the climbing walls in schools, or similar.

After years working on the construction of this type of climbing walls in schools, we have detected the need for a protocol to be able to track best of the climbing walls, ensuring their good condition and safe to use by making an annual certification of the same according to sets the Standard UNE-en 12572:2017.

Plan de Inspección y Certificación 1

To better explain the protocol we have devised a plan to run for 3 years.

01 - First year

The first year, conduct an inspection by a
technical specialist in our company The Climb.
That includes the following points:

General condition of the installation.

Thorough check of each item that
part of the climbing wall.

Check torque of all the dams.

Is formed to a person designated by the facility as a
in charge of the climbing wall.

Change up to 5 prey and spiders when they are needed.

Issuance of certificate.

02 - the Second and third year

The second and third year, the inspection shall be carried out by personnel designated by the center to do so, and under our supervision. This person will have been formed in the first year and in addition you will receive the manual form and shared with The Climb that you must follow to do the inspection. The steps to perform are the following:

Check status of installation by following directions from user manual.

Fill in the form provided. In it is noted in the revision of each item and gives the option to make comments and upload photos.

Once your information is received we will perform a desk review of the status of the installation and we will get in touch if you need to perform some maintenance or improvement.

Will be sent with a certificate once you have made your corrections, if necessary.

Rates of the plan of Inspection and Certification

Plan de Inspección y Certificación 7

The payments of these inspections will be annual and we have defined different prices for the inspection and technical inspection carried out by the college.

Price inspection and certification by technical The Climb:
150€ + VAT

Price, document review and certification of inspection conducted by the college:
75€ + VAT

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