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Course introduction to Sport Climbing

Formation and Self-safely for all

Curso de Iniciación a la Escalada Deportiva 1

The course introduction to sport climbing in The Climb consists of a training to acquire autonomy in climbing with a rope securely. No experience is necessary prior, or a special physical condition to undertake the course.

The goal of the introductory course to the climbing rope is to be able to climb routes equipped of a single long autonomously and safely.

  • Equipment, material and knots.

  • Preparation, warm up and stretch.

  • Basic technique of climbing.

  • Safety chain.

  • Insurance techniques.

  • Security.

The course includes all the climbing equipment (climbing shoes, harness, carabiners, systems assurance, rope and helmet).

You will only need to come in comfortable clothing and sport.

Price and number of students


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