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Training Climbing Planned

Training customized to your needs


We study your requirements and schedule in the medium-long term to a plan of work is directed and supervised by our expert staff in the field of sports training of climbing, in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

Entrenamiento Escalada Planificado 1

How is the training of climbing planned?

Initially performs an interview where you will extract all the necessary information so that the coach can know the detail. 

Subsequently, we perform a battery of tests in order to collect a series of data on a physical level. These are the basis for developing a training plan suitable and adjusted for our improvement in certain qualities.

Weekly we will receive the training routines, which are adjusted and revised constantly.

How is the training of climbing planned?

Workouts climbing planned are available to any person regardless of age, physical or objectives to achieve. Regardless of your level or physical form is going to be very useful to you everything that you can to contribute, follow the directions of someone with the theoretical and technical knowledge needed to get things done in an appropriate manner and adapted individually.

To perform this type of training climbing is convenient to a base climbing technique solid and the provision by the customer to make a training for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months, with the aim of achieving tangible results.


Formats of Training climbing planned in The Climb

To meet the needs of a training climbing planned, we have developed 2 forms of work:

Training planned staff: training service for a single person, completely custom.

Training planned group: service training planned for between 2 and 3 people of levels, and similar goals. It is important to carry out a good job this type of groups are as homogeneous as possible so that the planning is similar.


These fees only include workouts. To make use of the facilities of The Climb will be necessary to hire membership fees or accesses free with bonuses or entries. To view click here.

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