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Design and Construction of climbing walls

Construction of climbing walls and Maintenance


Advice and expertise at the service of the Climbing
Planning Construction of climbing walls,
Specialists in the creation of new climbing walls

Construction of Climbing and Maintenance. The Climb as a reference centre of boulder in our country, offers a service technician complete construction of new climbing walls, and the maintenance climbing walls already existing. The experience accumulated during the years of intense activity in our facilities, we have been given the knowledge needed to offer a service of building and maintaining comprehensive climbing walls.

Design of climbing walls from the Experience

In The Climb we carry out an important task to search real needs of our clients to design a Climbing wall that exactly fits what you are looking for our client. 

From the experience in our facilities for both children and adults, in The Climb we design according to the actual needs of the end user, which makes you have more chances of success in the climbing wall finished.

Construction set Deadlines and Quality

We use our technical expertise to level engineering and constructively to find solutions that suit the space available for the construction of climbing walls. 

We work with different types of structure in both metal, such as wood or mixed, making anchors using resins approved for different types of floors or walls we encounter, we developed the project optimally always in compliance with the regulations in force.

Maintenance and Reforms in climbing walls

The Climb as a reference centre of the boulder in our country, offers a service technician complete the construction of new climbing walls, and the maintenance of climbing walls already existing.

Climbing walls for colleges, to sports stadiums or public parks, climbing walls, private open to the public and other possible installations, require an analysis of the intended user to design a climbing wall that is adapted to the real needs.

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