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Climbing course

A wide variety of ways to approach and enjoy climbing in a fun and professional.


On The Climb we offer a large selection that fits your needs

Learn and enjoy climbing


The Climb is a climbing wall created for all those who want to enjoy the climbing

On The Climb we offer several introductory courses to climbing. In the first place, we offer a choice of initiation to the art of climbing through our groups of initiation and first contact with the climbingand then offer you a introductory course to the scalded sports for those who want to gain autonomy for climbing with a rope securely.

And after the initiation do not miss our led groups of climbing that are complemented with training routines monthly that is published in our page training monthly where all partners can work these routines doing the exercises proposed in each cycle of training according to their level.

Finally, all the months are proposed specific courses that we call monographs of climbing through which we form to our partners in different subjects related to climbing: training, health, technical, gestural, wall climbing and a whole range of content that will enrich their knowledge and skill in climbing.

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