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Introductory courses

Get started in climbing The Climb

for only 52€ and has a 50% de descuento en tu 1ª mensualidad como socio*.

If you are interested in booking, contact us and we will give you all the information you need

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*Descuento válido para el mes siguiente a la realización del curso.

For the course introduction to climbing we offer various options to get started in rock climbing that are adjusted to your needs. Choose the option you want.

Opción 1:

Grupos de Iniciación

Curso Iniciación a la Escalada 1

Through 4 sessions of 1 hour each, you will learn a base of technical climbing. 

  • Aimed at those who want to start in climbing, to know and to learn basic techniques, safety standards, a progressive form without having any prior experience.
  • Theoretical-practical content temporalizados and directed by a trained professional.
  • The teacher will assess the trajectory of the student and advise the student how to continue learning to climb with the different options that The Climb offers.
  • Started in the sport of the climbing acquiring healthy routines for your practice, warm-up, stretching, injury prevention, rest, control, falls, destrepe.
  • Integrate the practice of the climbing, basic techniques of gesture, balance, optimal use of the feet, distribution of weight, the correct position of the hands to prevent injuries.
  • Motivate and encourage climbers to want to improve and overcome their degree of involvement in the practice of boulder, through the psychological training and overcoming of oneself.
  • To make contact with the sport climbing (using rope to progress) in the last of the 4 classes.
  • Combine sessions climbing rope and climbing blocks area (mat).
  • Basic rules of the center and safety The Climb.
  • Supplementary exercises for warm-up and stretch.
  • Movement and balance.
  • Display and foot work.
  • The figure of the carrier and the falls.
  • Making contact with the sport climbing (material and progression on top rope).

Price and number of students


Opción 2:

1er Contacto con la Escalada

Curso Iniciación a la Escalada 1

For those who wish to have a first contact with this sport a convenient and easy way.

To mode particular class from a person, up to a maximum of four peoplewe offer the possibility to receive a class of first contact hours are completely flexible.

The First Contact is in two classes of one hour duration, which combines the climbing block in the area of the mattress and climbing rope.

  • To receive an initiation in which you can learn basic techniques of climbing and take a contact with this exciting sport.
  • Choose any of the proposals or training course The Climb offers.

The classes are raised in two parts, so that the contents are set according to this division:

    • The first practice-oriented boulder or climbing block area (mat). Safety standards, a fall, a figure of the carrier, technique, gesture, hand-eye coordination, balance, bodily tension, dynamic movements, decision-making.
    • A second oriented to the practice of climbing routes or climbing rope. 

Price in function of the number of students



Curso Iniciación a la Escalada 1

If your schedule is not compatible, you can see the option of First Contact, please write to us or call us and we will inform you of the possibility of opening other groups 

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